If you want something a bit explosive in your wardrobe for this season, try a bomber jacket! I personally like these because they are slimmer than marshmallow jackets, not as creepy as trenchcoats, and flexible like a windbreaker without breaking too many winds. Without a collar, you could basically be a rebel in this! Advertisements

Rosegold watches are definitely a luxury item that’s on trend for this fall menswear season! Instead of the traditional Gold or platinum, this season is seeing luxury items cast in rosegold. Rosegold is basically gold with a tinge of copper in it so it provides this rich, creamy effect to this treasure.

Gilets are cool but they will definitely keep you warm. This padded vest will leave you very comfy but also give you a much more streetwear style when wearing them. I like this look because it isn’t too formal and gives a streetwear essence to your outfit. Try pairing this with a hat or a […]

Skinny Ties have been something that are somewhat of a homage to the 1950’s work era. Commonly seen in portrayals of yesteryear like in famous shows like Mad Men or the Office, skinny ties are retro look that can modernize your current office wardrobe.

Chukkas are breaking through this season as the must wear shoe for fall 2012. Just like the way of moccasins, boots, and boat shoes, Chukkas are an alternative for those who want to stay trendy but stray away from sneakerville as well. Chukkas are cool because they come in a variety of colors, and like […]

Festive socks are something that’s recently coming on board for Menswear fall fashion catalog. With bold colors comes a bold choice in socks as well. I like these festive socks because they’re a little unexpected so it’s always nice to have that surprise when creating outfits. These are pretty comfy too and bring attention to […]

The Trench Coat is a classic piece that can see it’s origins from all the way in England but highly adopted every where else in the world as an ideal must in your fall/winter wardrobe. To no surprise, we see this item in the fall’s menswear list because of it’s increasing trendiness and versatility. Like […]

  Floral Prints   Floral Prints are so awesome! Floral prints give a softer edge to a person’s style but also giving them a trendy look. Usually for men, this look can be seen in constant print or Hawaiian prints. For fall, floral is still relevant but I forsee it as a dying trend. With […]

Geometric patterns are a breakthrough for the runway season and definitely something to look out for. Although, a little abstract to be wearing on a regular basis. Geometric designs are cool if you want to shake up your wardrobe or introduce a new look. I feel like geometric shapes are good for different body types […]

As we move on to 2012, we see a maturing group of young folks. No longer are young people promoting baggy, unfashionable, casual clothes but becoming much more classic when looking for fashion inspiration. This is mirrored with today’s hiphop artists opting out for the more classic white collared look compared to casual. I like […]